So today’s a little quiet and after mulling it over on the bus ride to work this morning I thought I might ‘scribble’ my thoughts on the referendum down. I know we’re all getting a little tired of it but we’re nearly on the home straight.

Some basic GCSE History:

After World War 1 the German economy was, to be blunt, screwed. Just 3 years after, and largely as a result of the, treaty of Versailles Germany entered a period of hyperinflation which meant that the ‘Mark’ quite literally wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. Germany were already in dire straits as a result of the massive debts the government had racked up funding the war so when ‘we’ the victors demanded reparations their situation worsened considerably. I guess it’s little wonder that just 20 years later they sought leadership from an xenophobic tyrant who used these hardships as a means to rally Germany’s citizens into another war whilst pointing the finger at various demographics as the cause of the hardship.


Children playing with stacks of hyperinflated currency during the Weimar Republic, 1922 (1)

Children using bundles of notes as building blocks and a Wheelbarrow ‘Wallet’


The second world war begins and MILLIONS of lives are sacrificed by the allied forces, civilians all across Europe and the victims of genocide. Some countries resist invasion right until the bitter end and some fall whilst trying to prevent the advancement of the German forces across Europe. Once the war was over the allied forces are faced with a decimated continent, a estimated global population decrease of about 3% and the task of figuring out how to put it all back together. Realising the mistakes of the past (financially crippling the parties responsible), they set about devising a new means of ensuring that the atrocities of WW2 never happened again. So the ‘Charter of Human Rights’ was drafted, in no small part by a British MP and lawyer Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe. The charter was devised to ensure that the horrors of both the first and second world wars would never happen again by creating a bill of rights for all member states of the European Council. This document ultimately became the European Convention of Human Rights and it is largely responsible for keeping us all from tyranny and persecution.

Our Grandparents and Great grandparents gave their lives (in every respect) not just for THEIR country but for this document….for OUR Europe. This document protects democracy to ensure that fascist’s such as Hitler NEVER darken our political doorsteps again….EVER! And for over 60 years it has done,and continues to do, just that.

So my little ramble is really just me saying that i’ll be voting to remain. If anyone else reads this, honestly….I’m not trying to ‘convince’ you to do the same. I just want you to think about this the next time you pass a war memorial, pin a poppy to your coat, remain silent for two minutes to remember the Glorious Dead. This is what we fought for and being part of Europe makes us no less British and it certainly doesn’t make us any less Great. Europe is what has made us great, we fought for it, we helped devise and build it and we should protect it.

There are many other advantages to being a member of the European Union (I wont pretend to understand or like them all) but for me the blood spilled to get us where we are today is a good place to start.

P.S: I’m no expert or historian, so I’ve done the best I can fact checking, I’m just an Englishman and a European.




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