With his diverse style Robin explores themes of antiquity through abstract paintings, figurative drawings and the use and modification of found objects. Examining narratives taken from classical text and often revisiting the subject matter of the old masters he renders his emotive interpretations in a fractionally abstract manner.

Influenced by American and German expressionist (particularly Anselm Kiefer and Cy Twombly, the Arte Povera of Jannis Kounellis and Antoni Tapies and the illustrations of Gustave Doré) his work considers the material and emotive value of Art and challenges the objectification of the subject. 

Often through abandonment and disregard Robin suspends his work in a state of flux between that of art and object unburdened by conformity. He demonstrates a developed appreciation of the aesthetics of degradation, the consequences of neglect and constructively destructive traits of the elements. His rapid and aggressive execution often creating a level of intensity within his work which can only pacified by exposure and out-casting.