‘Raven’ (2017)

Pen on paper
(42cm x 29.7cm)

©Robin Croucher


Work In Progress

‘Sorrow for Lenore’ – Pencil study after Gustavo Doré

Going back to work full time has made a bit of a dent in my drawing/painting time so progress is slow. 

Draft Concept – The Raven 

Today I’m using my trusty (and somewhat vintage) watercolour set to draft a new piece of work. Another minimalist literary abstraction on the way I think!



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Artwork for loving homes HERE

*New Work* ‘Lenore’ (after Gustave Doré) 2017

Pencil on heavyweight paper


It’s been a while since I worked in pencil so I had a bit of a dabble this afternoon with a little help from my copy of Poe’s ‘The Raven’.

I must confess I became so enamoured with the lines of Lenore’s dress I almost forgot about the second figure. I found something particularly hypnotic about the lines in this sketch, strangely calming and incredibly satisfying…just looking at a particular line (or series of lines) and feeling a sense of complete satisfaction. IS that just me?